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Are you looking for a new way of raising funds? Look no further, as FAVR now supports organizations to build their own marketplace for the purpose of fundraising. The most common organizations include churches, sports teams and schools.


Checkout some of the awesome features that come with fundraising.

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Performance Based Reporting

With our new enhanced data driven dashboard you can now see the performance of your organization's marketplace.

  • Financial & Sales Reporting

  • User Performance Reporting

  • Progress Based Reporting

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Automatic Stripe Payouts

We use Stripe Express for connecting organization bank accounts so we can send payouts on a daily schedule.

  • Stripe covered liability

  • Instant Bank Payouts

  • Auto Tax Reporting

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User Management

Add and manage users of an organization. Organizers can add users individually or invite multiple users to register with the organization.

  • Invite Users In Bulk

  • Manage User Info & Roles

  • Add Users Individually

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Jobs Management

Manage the jobs requested by customers on the marketplace. Organizers can update or remove jobs they see unfit for workers.

  • Assign Workers To Job

  • Manage Job Information

  • Remove Jobs Deemed Unfit

Pricing Options

Pricing built for organizations of all sizes. Always know what you’ll pay.

Pay as you go
Access a complete marketplace platform with simple, transaction based pricing.
4% + 30¢
per completed transaction
  • No setup, monthly, or hidden fees
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Real-time fee reporting
Create account
Custom Pricing
Design a custom package for your organization. Available for organizations with large transaction volume.
Account management
Volume discounts
Migration assistance
Dedicated support
Contact sales

Our Customers

Join one of many businesses using FAVR for fundraising.

Churches: Mission Trips

FAVR fundraising is perfect for churches seeking to raise funds for youth mission trips. The youth of the church do work for members of their church in exchange for a donation to their mission trip.

School wide fundraisers

FAVR fundraising is perfect for school wide fundraisers seeking to raise money for books and computers as students can do work for the community in exchange for a donation towards their fundraiser.

Extracurricular Fundraising

FAVR fundraising is perfect for extracurricular activities like AAU basketball seeking to raise funds for their expensive tournaments by having the players do work for relatives in exchange for a donation.

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