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FAVR: Become a Worker

FAVR is a great way to make money for high school & college students as their is no commitment to working. You make your own schedule and choose the jobs you want to work. Jobs are fairly easy ranging from simple chores to assembling a desk.

Why Work With FAVR?

Learn all the reasons why you should be working with FAVR

Earn Cash On The Side

FAVR is a perfect oppurtunity for high school and college students to make extra money in their spare time.

Make Your Own Schedule

Work whenever you want as you choose the jobs you want to work.

Turn It Into A Business

Turn your side hustle into a full fledged business by building a marketplace with FAVR.

Free Background Checks

Yep, you heard that correct. Our background checks in the vetting process is free. Unlike competitors like Takl which charges $50 for a background check and TaskRabbit which charges $25.

Keep More Of Your Money

We have a very transparent pricing model. We charge a 12.5% fee for each transaction. Compared to Takl which charges a 20% fee and TaskRabbit which charges a 15% fee.

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